1) An archaic word for a mixed metal which was very similar to brass. It was used for many household items, such as basins, ladles, skimmers, but was commonly the metal from which candle-sticks were made.

1400 j candelabrum de laton, York

1434 duo candelabra de laton, Campsall

1535 Item one myllen basyn iij latyn basynes with euers to them belonging, Stillingfleet

1567 Item tenne latten candlesticks, Fixby

1661 Item a latten Chaffer, Langfield. The occupational term is a guide to the early popularity of this metal: 1309 Nicholaus Musket, latoner, York.

dates 1309 1400 1434 1535 1567 1661

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0