1) To lie.

1432 j matres that I lige on, Scarborough

1479 a gutter that liggez in length from ... Petergate ... to the Kyngs dyke, York

1523 delyng of all suche landdes as lygges dewydele [sic] in the biredole feldes, Stainland. Examples of the present participle include: c.1450 to haf a close lygynge in the sowth parte of Rastryke more

1483 John Qwitley sall haue a sertan of land lygand in the South syde of the Byrkfeild, Ovenden

1500 iij houses in Kartegaytt lyggyng under the Blake Frere waulle, Scarborough. Noted in an amusing by-name: 1301 De Galfrido Liggebiyefyre, Helperby.

dates 1301 1432 1450 1479 1483 1500 1523

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0