1) One who burns limestone to make lime.

1299 John Lymbrinner, Scarborough

1409 computant cum Willelmo Lymbirner pro calce empto de eodem ad opus barrć, Beverley. The term remained in use, probably as an occupational by-name rather than a hereditary surname: 1432 Richard Lymebirner de Tadcastre pro xxvj carectatis calcis vivi Ł4 2 4, York. Sand and lime were needed to make mortar, and there was a constant demand for both in the Middle Ages when so much building was taking place. The names of the labourers who transported the lime in York were entered into the freemen’s rolls: 1389 Thomas Hughesson, lymportour

1394 Thomas de Tadcaster, lymeberer, York.

spellings limebearer limeporter
dates 1299 1389 1409 1432

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0