1) The fibre of flax or the plant itself.

1535 lynne suede and hemp sede, iij bussheles , vjs

lyne and hempe redie to be spone and in yarne, xls, Stillingfleet

1539 lay no hempe nor lyne within the beke, Normanton

1704 having a good quantity of line lying in two barnes adjoining to his house, Moss

1747 forty stones of rated line, forty unrated, Fishlake. The thread was spun on a special line wheel: 1610 one old lyne wheele, Kirkstall

1635 one lyne wheele, one woolle wheele, Emley

1667 three Lyne wheeles, North Bierley

1796 a line wheel and a quilting frame, Cartworth. The finished cloth was also called line: 1327 Ricardus le blak, lyndraper, York

1493 the lyn wevers of this Citie, York

1567 neyn payre of lynne shetes, Fixby

1756 a piece of printed linn, North Bierley.

dates 1327 1493 1535 1539 1567 1610 1635 1667 1704 1747 1756

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0