1) Someone who makes, repairs and fits locks; a widely distributed craft represented in all major towns in medieval Yorkshire and in some of the villages.

In 1379, Johannes Loksmyth of Sheffield paid 6d poll tax and since no occupation was listed we can be sure from his by-name that he was a smith who specialised in making locks. The by-name continued to be recorded int the sixteenth century: 1421 in seruris, clavibus, hespes, stapels, jonetors ... factis per Henricum Loksmyth, York

1454 Et Thome Loksmyth pro reparacione et emendacione diversarum cathenarum portarum cerarum et clavium, York

1513 John Loksmyth, loksmyth, York. Nicholas Awbraye of Wyke near Bradford was an illiterate locksmith who used a key as his mark in 1583.

dates 1379 1421 1454 1513 1583

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0