1) An unglazed opening in a wall, originally in a defensive wall, designed to allow missiles to be directed at an attacker. From the seventeenth century it was a similar opening in a barn, through which hay or straw could be forked.

1674 did putt them through a loupe hole into his neighbour’s layth, Bolton by Bowland

1686 Paid to Daniell Tailforth for 6 windowes and 4 lowpeholes, Conistone

1722 in a barne ... saw a riding coat ... and hid the same in a loop hole, Heptonstall

1756 went to the far end of the barn and looked through a loup hole, Birstall.

dates 1674 1686 1722 1756

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0