1) In woodmanship ‘lops’ were the branches cut from a growing tree.

The word occurred several times in the accounts of William Ramsden when he was Woodward General of Yorkshire: 1544-5 Item foure tymber trees taken by the said accomptant forth of the said wodd toward the reparacion of his house at longlay the loppes expendid toward the hedgeynge of the said Coppies, Nostell. The verb to lop also occurred commonly: 1568 to loppe alle ockes and saplynges … and for the loppyng thereof shalle have a ˝d, Esholt

1683 as for the wood which will be convenient to be lopt or feld ... & the bark coming therof, I give to my son, Selby

1688 that Edward Langley cutt hys hedge and lopp the trees, Holmfirth.

dates 1544-1545 1568 1683 1688

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0