1) A maker of small ironware, such as chains, bits, spurs and the like.

1273 Thomas de Blida, lorimer, York

1367 Johannes de Beverley, lorymer, York

1453-5 Et de 6d sol. loyrymer pro faccione unius cerć et emendale de les barres fenestrarum, Ripon. Examples of the by-name occur into the fifteenth century: 1421 Radulpho Lorymar de Conyngstrete pro factura et emendacione xl cathenarum pro eisdem libris annexis in librario predicto, 23s 1d, York. The by-name gave rise to the surnames Lorimer and Loriman and a similar development affected the occupational term: 1577 Symond Doddinge, Ripon, loryman.

places York Ripon
dates 1273 1421 1453-1455 1577

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0