1) A wooden, turret-like erection on the roof of a major building, with lateral openings for ventilation and the passage of smoke.

1358 Item in loveres, vs, York

1404 In cordis emptis pro louers, 10d, York

1504-5 all dorez, wyndowez, glase … lovers and almaner thing long to every house, York

1538 there is a kychyn of the olde fasshyon with ane upright roofe after the fasshyon of a louer, Esholt. The slats of such louvres were operated by cords or strings: 1368 et loverstrenges emptis vjd, York

1522-3 for a cord to a loffer jd, York. In York, the ordinances of the tilers and wrights referred in 1428 to the making of draghtlouers: this may have meant louvres which could be opened and shut or louvres which simply provided ventilation.

spellings draught louvre
places York Esholt
dates 1358 1368 1404 1428 1504-1505 1522-1523 1538

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0