1) A cutaneous disease which occurs in animals with hairy or woolly coats.

An account bookwhich belonged to the Ramsden family of Almondbury contains the following: c.1575 For curinge the Maungye: Take a groatesworth of brimston beaten, a pinte of trayne oyle, a handful of dogges grasse chopped small, some swynes greace or a penyworthe of butter and boyle them all together, let the dogge eat therof a good deale and then tye up his mouthe hard and his legges also and rubbe him hard therwith with a woollen clothe as hotte as he maye endure it. And then V or VI dayes after boyle lant and browme together and washe him sore therwith.

places Almondbury
dates 1575

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0