1) A kind of cloth, and garments or articles such as blankets made of the cloth (OED).

1346 Willielmo de Driffeld mantellum meum, Easingwold

1392 ā€˜103 dozen of mantal clothes 100sā€™

ā€˜6 mantell 20sā€™, Hull

1435 j mantellum de albo fryssed, Castleford

1465 7 mantell

18 virgis panni linei

13 virgis de Kendall, Hull. It occurs in by-names, probably with reference to a garment: 1324 John Blakmantel, Brighouse.

dates 1324 1346 1392 1435 1465

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0