1) A mixture of colours or shades of colour, commonly used of wool, yarn and pieces of cloth.

1341 lego Marotć servienti meć unum warniamente de melle, York

1394 ‘˝ a redemelle cloth 2d’, Hull. From the same century ‘melled’ occurred more commonly: 1388 pur j gowne de melledi ovesque une chaperon de bloy, Calverley

1394 ‘for ˝ a cloth of meld 2d’, Hull

1439-40 that noon of the said craft make no capez nother of meld woll nor meld garn, York

1446 et dimidia panni de rede melde, xxvjs viijd, York

1473 unam togam de melled russett, Hampsthwaite

1504 Item v yerdes and a half of broyd blew meld iijs iiijd, York

1546 my melled collored jacket, Leeds.

spellings melled
dates 1341 1388 1394 1439-1440 1446 1473 1504 1546

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0