1) An aphetic spelling of ‘amend’, with meanings such as recompense, improve, make amends for, set to rights.

1536 to Sir John Watson xijd and what as my wife wyll mend hym with all, Burton

1541 to John my sone my best fool. To Richarde my sone my secunde foyll and to Robert my sone the thirde fool and his moither to mende him because his foil is warste, Monk Fryston

1556 bated his horse upon the brode balke whilste he mendid his wooll packes, Welburn

1558 I wyll that the pore folks of the churche rawe be mended with bygge ... that Jenet Atkynson be mendyd with some of my clothes, Sedbergh.

dates 1536 1541 1556 1558

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2) To make the fire up, adding fuel and controlling the draught.

1652 had beene at her howse, and she mending the fire with the firepoite, Huddersfield

1689 and mended the fyer and layde more coales on, Dewsbury.

dates 1652 1689

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0