1) The Old French word <i>mes</i> derives from the Latin verb ‘manere’, that is to dwell or remain, and it was used for a dwelling place or the site of a dwelling.

c. 1321 'un mees, a croft and a rood of land', Adlingfleet

1491 the tytill of a meyss, a coteghe and vj oxgang of land, Glusburn

1557 one mease in Wadesworthe wythe one house buylded upon yt, Heptonstall

1590 'a messuage called a meestead ... lately built by John Walker', Dewsbury

1609 a mess or house at Bothes, Hipperholme.

spellings mese stead
dates 1321 1491 1557 1590 1609

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0