1) A type of cloth of variegated colours or shades.

1388 Pur j gowne de bloy mottelay, Calverley

1394 ‘Thomas of Gare 5 blewe moteley cloths and 2 grene moteley and 1 russet moteley’, York: John de Thornton was a York clothier who featured regularly in these accounts, possibly the John Thornton motlemaker who was made a freeman in 1407. It remained a popular fabric: 1455 ac totum apparatum sive ornamentum altaris de motley, York

1517 a lome to wyrk motley in, York

1527 to Thomas my son my motteley jackett, Sherburn in Elmet

1545 my best shert my motley jacket, Marrick.

dates 1388 1394 1407 1455 1517 1527 1545

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0