1) A board on which dough can be kneaded and shaped.

Several of the examples noted were in brew-houses, perhaps because of the yeast used: 1450 item in brasina unum plumbum unum caldarium, unum moldyng bord, York

1452-3 ij bultyng-clothes iiijd et j moledyngburde xvjd, Beverley

1485 j plumbum magnum ... j massh fatte ... ij tobbes ... j moldyngborde cum tristilles, vjd, Ripon

1508 De viijs pro iiij plumbis pro lez wort. De xvjd pro j moldingbord, York.

spellings molding-board mold-board
dates 1450 1452-1453 1485 1508

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0