1) The mole or ‘earth thrower’.

1478 ‘land called Molewerphill’, Ackton

1617 The mouldwarpe catcher I payd after jd each mowle, Brandsby

1638 that the said water be not also lost ... by mold warpe holes or choked by sedges, Barwick in Elmet. The moldwarp stafe noted in Wawne in the East Riding in 1584 may have been an implement to break up ‘mould-hills’ rather than a stick used by the mole-catcher. It is also recorded in the sense of moleskin: 1570 one mold warppe hatt, Hutton Conyers. Note the ironic minor place-name: 1771 Mouldwarp Hall, Huddersfield.

dates 1478 1570 1584 1617 1638 1771

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0