1) This was an office connected with the collection of the tax known as murage and the upkeep of the city walls of York.

In 1526-7 three corn chapmen were nominated to be more maisters for to occupy that office truly … that is to say, to se the kyngs walls of this Citie, otherwais called the Toune walls, to be kepte clene and honest without ramell, breese and scrubs growing in and of the same, and to reparell … as much of the said walls now fallen. In 1536, it was agreed that there should be no mo … moor maisters elect nor chossyn, York but the office continued to be referred to for some time. In Chester and some other English towns and cities the name given to this office was ‘murager’ or ‘murenger’ and this partly explains why the dictionary had ‘mure-master’ in York linked to ‘moor’ in the sense of moorland.

places York
dates 1526-1527 1536

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0