1) Purple-red, the colour of the mulberry. It gave its name to a kind of cloth, and the distinction in meaning is not always apparent.

1358 domino J de Broddesworth cotam de murre cum cloco, York

1394 ‘Joan Hukster for 3 ells of morrey, ˝d’, Hull

1401 et unum cloke de rubeo et murray, York

1451 Item j lectus de murray cum tapeta ejusdem coloris, York

1489-90 the Common Counsaill shal in murrey or violet meit the right noble ... lord Therl of Surrey, York

1528 To Eliz. Bolt my murray kirtle, Sherburn in Elmet

1568 a testure of Murray Clothe fringed with Murray Silke, and 3 Curtans of murray Clothe, Healaugh.

dates 1358 1394 1401 1451 1489-1490 1528 1568

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0