nail tool

1) Evidently a specialist tool used by smiths and nail-makers although its precise function remains uncertain.

The word is first recorded in co. Durham in 1338 and frequently in Yorkshire from the sixteenth century: 1543 Item v. nalle towlys, vjd, Ripley

1584 all my naile tooles and all my hammers, tonges, bellowes, Knaresborough

1592 Item 2 neale toules a pair of tongues a cuttinge iron, South Cave

1597 3 neile towles, 4 punches and a round neile towle, South Cave

1639 one paire of great bellow in my shop, one stiddie, one great naile toole, Knaresborough.

dates 1338 1543 1584 1592 1597 1639

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0