1) A maker of nails.

Nail-making has a long history in the south Pennines and the nailer's product had symbolic importance: in an undated thirteenth-century deed, the Farnley Tyas smith took possession of land ‘at an annual rent of an iron nail’. The by-name or surname is on record from the thirteenth century: 1274 'Richard le Neyler gives 6d for license to dig sea-coals … for his smithy’, Hipperholme

1416 Thomas Nayler, revetour, York. The occupational by-name and the product are linked in the accounts of Bolton Priory: 1377-8 Pro cc double spikyngs et di. emptis de Thoma Nayler. Nail-making flourished in and around Thornhill from the 1300s into the seventeenth century: 1368 John Milner, nayler, Flockton

1503 Richard Cuke of Emley, nayler

1601 Ricardus Ditche de Horbury, Nailor. In south Yorkshire a nail-making family called Tinker is on record from the fifteenth century: 1437-8 Robert Tynker of Bradfeld, le nayler

1540 Robert Tynker ...Over Bradfeld nayler.

dates 1200-1299 1274 1368 1377-1378 1416 1437-1438 1503 1540 1601

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0