1) The hub of a wheel, that part into which the end of the axle-tree is inserted.

1581 7 elme naves, Anston

1664 9 pair of waine naves, Elmswell. A variety of alternative spellings has been noted: 1588 certen wayne nathes and carte nathes, Dalton

1643 a gauge [sic] of felkes and naphes in the barne, Pudsey

1648 6 axletrees two paire of naffes a gange of felkes two gange of speaks, Sharlston.

spellings naffe naphe nathe
dates 1588 1643 1648 1664

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2) An alternative spelling of 'knave', a carpenter's tool, although it remains uncertain which is the correct form.

1471 j wodax, ij brode axis, j brysse, j naffe, a wombyll, Harome.

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0