1) A gold coin introduced in 1344 which had a value of 80 pence; that is half a mark. It was discontinued in 1465 after being revalued and gave way to the angel which had the same value.

1487 I witte to my eame John Gyldous ... a old nobill, Hull. In fact nobles continued to be passed down the generations: 1542 to Margaret my doughter v nobles beside her parte oute of the holl goodes, Leeds

1558 to my broder William Atkinson twentie nobles, Pontefract. Mathew Witham of Brettanby left nobles to several people to be made into gold rings, for example: 1545 to George Jakeson my son a nobyll to mak hym a ryng of.

dates 1487 1542 1545 1558

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0