occupation lane

1) These were lanes or roads which were constructed as a result of the Parliamentary Inclosures Acts, designed to provide access for landholders to the newly-created allotments.

As a minor place-name it has escaped attention although it occurs several times in and around Huddersfield, perhaps most obviously in Lindley’s long and very straight Occupation Road. It is uncertain just when and where the term was first used but it occurs in the Inclosure Award for Honley: 1782 And we do set out ... one other private Occupation Road ... for the Use and Improvement of all such landes and Huddersfield: 1789 One private occupation Road ... branching out of Fixby Road ... leading ... to an allotment and certain tenements of Thomas Thornhill. It was later used of roads created to give access to pits, quarries and the like: 1860 an occupation road leading to Eastwoods Coal Pits, Meltham.

spellings occupation road
places Thornhill Honley
dates 1782 1789

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0