1) There are references to the fruit from the fourteenth century and to its use as a colour from <i>a</i>.1600 (OED).

Early Yorkshire examples include: c.1504 Item xj yerdes reyd orryge viijs, York

1522 I gif to William Marshall an orege colour gowne furred with whit lame, Doncaster

1539-40 one orige tawnaye dosyn of my best making, Leeds

1559 a jirkin of orysh colour cloth furred with fox, Hipswell

1568 Item a quilt of orange color Satten abridges, Healaugh.

spellings orange-coloured orish
dates 1504 1522 1539-1540 1559 1568

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0