1) The ‘out wood’ was a wood situated away from the village nucleus.

The place-name occurs frequently in Yorkshire. References not noted in PNWR include: 1543 there is within the saide Lordshipp of Hamelton, Woode called the Owt Woode …

1572 a great wast ground … called the Owt woodes … in the nature of a chace, Spofforth. Wakefield’s ‘outwood’ is well documented and it has been shown that it lay in the township of Stanley and part of Alverthorpe, rather than in Wakefield itself: it was distinct from the common wood. James said the name was sometimes used for a wood ‘within the forest purlieu’

that is land which had been disafforested.

dates 1543 1572

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0