1) In excess of the proper measure.

c.1535 John Bever of Umforth ... opon his othe deposith ... that he hath taken of the kynges wast by copye of court rolle within the time of Sir Richard Tempest ... too acres of lande ... he saith that he hath ouermesure iiij acres, Holmfirth. Such grants were illegal but the testimony of other tenants shows that the practice was widespread and that the land was passed down the generations: 1546 I bequest to Alison my wif, Edwarde Mawde, etc ... all myne intereste ... of certan lande ... and they to fine for it ... as other men doth for ther ouermesser, Warley

1585 which lands and tenement called Overmeasure ... the said John [Mitchell] late purchased, Thornton near Bradford. It is commemorated in a minor place-name found across the region: 1584 ‘Cotton Gargrave ... surrendered into the lord’s hands ... a half rood of land called Overmeasure with the buildings thereon’, Hepworth.

dates 1535 1546 1584 1585

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0