1) An additional amount, a surplus.

1481 if so be the same money be not fully spendit ... that than the same ... to be delyverd ayane to the said wardens and they to delyver the overplus ayane, York

1507 I forgyve Walter Bubwythe the overpluse that is over & aboyff the some of viij marks, Pontefract

1558 my parte of goodes equally amonges my wyff and my childer ... savynge that I wyll gyff to Margaret my dowghter a why stirke overplus, Westerdale

1611 If it be more my father is to pay the over-plus, Brandsby

1658 paid him ... 7s more ... for his overplus worke at New-Hall, Elland.

dates 1481 1507 1558 1611 1658

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0