ox hide

1) The skins or hides of oxen, important to both butchers and tanners.

1579 By the consent as well of the tanners as by the bochers of this Citie, and diverse of theyme being present, it is now agreed that no bochers shall by any indirect meanes make any bargayne or put to sale any oxskynnes or cowe skynnes before the beast wherapon the said skyns ware growing shalbe killed, to any tanner ... but to buye the same as the said oxen or kyne shalbe killed. In 1730, a south Yorkshire tanner records in his diary his bargain of 26 August with Mr Watson of South Sheilds, a butcher, for all the ox hides he shall kill betwixt now and Christmas, weighing 5˝ stone a pece, for 1s 11d per stone.

dates 1579 1730

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0