1) A saddle adapted for supporting a pack to be carried by a pack-animal.

1398 unum equum optimum ... et j paksadyll, York

1430 Et Adć famulo meo sellas vocatas paksadyls, pakclathes, pakprykkes, York

1549 I bequeathe vnto John Chrashelaye ... one horse and paksadle, one paire of hampers, a teylde, with all other thinges belonginge vnto a packhorse, Wakefield

1680 I met a man riding on an horse and driving two horses before him with pack-saddles on, yet empty, Northowram

1713 Four Little Gallowaies with four old Pack saddles sursingles Wanties and Panyers for Coal Carriage, Sheffield.

dates 1398 1430 1549 1680 1713

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0