1) A fence made of pales; an alternative to ‘pale’.

1468 the uphaldinge ande making of the forsaide pales, York

1479 concessio custodić palasij circa parcum nostrum Ripon, vulgariter nuncupati Paleses. It gave rise to a number of minor place-names, including Palace House near Hebden Bridge: a rental of 1536 has the palys called Palishous and the allusion is said to be to the pale which surrounded Erringden Park. In the early thirteenth century, Adam de Bestun granted to Kirkstall Abbey four acres of meadow in Beeston quod dicitur pratum del Paliz: its local name was Palis Henge [ing],. In 1669 Thomas Morritt of Brayton died at Pallice Field House.

dates 1200-1250 1356 1468 1479 1669

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0