1) Spellings of ‘pantofle’, that is a slipper or any kind of loose, indoor shoe: it could also be used of overshoes that were worn outdoors (OED).

The word became frequent in the latter part of the sixteenth century: 1573 j paire pantocles, Gilling

1585-7 To Randall Webbe, shoemaker, in parte payment of his bill for bootes, shoes, pinsons and pantables

1596 ‘Every cordiner or jerkin maker who shall shapp, cutt or make … buskinges, pantables or slippers’, Beverley. In Beverley in 1627, the cordwainers’ searchers had the job at least once a month of checking all boots, shoes, pantables and other wares .

spellings pantocle
places Beverley Gilling
dates 1573 1585-1587 1596 1627

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0