pasture master

1) A town official with responsibility for the common pastures.

1533 that the common pasture of Knaismyer be oons in a moneth dryvin by the pasturemaisters, York

1536 agreyd that John Wedderall shalbe pasture mayster of the ... common of Knaysmyer and to tayke in all geyst ... to the common profet of this citie ... shall have yerely in fee for excercisyng of the seyd rowme of pasture master fowre marks, York

1644 pasture maisters to have ... as formerly hath beene ... every one of them a horssegaite, Scarborough

1671 ‘The Pasture Masters of Westwood, Swinemoor and Figholme ... ordered to account for their receipts & payments’, Beverley

1792 The pasture masters of Westwood empowered to make such plantations ... as they shall think proper, Beverley.

dates 1533 1536 1644 1671 1792

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0