1) The pax was a tablet of gold, silver or other precious material, which bore an image of the crucifixion or the Saviour, and it was kissed by the celebrating priest at mass before being passed to other clergy and members of the congregation. The paxbred had a similar function but was so called because it was originally a wooden board.

1377 unum paxbrede vocatum relik, Bewick

1424 j paxbrede argenti et deaurati, York

1497 Item a paxe of every [ivory] and silver, price xs, Wakefield

1524 a pax with the crucyfix Mary and John, of laton, Sheriff Hutton

1535-6 for helping of the paxe and the lettron, ijd, York.

spellings paxbred
dates 1377 1424 1497 1524 1535-1536

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0