1) A dealer in skins or hides.

Reaney noted the by-name in Yorkshire in 1219 and it was not uncommon over the next 200 years: 1251 Simon le Peleter, Pontefract

1372 Johannes de London, pellter, York

1386 Alexander de Ripon, pelter, York

1413 Johannes Pane, pelter, York. The register of York freemen suggests that the craft established itself in the city in that period and at least one of the earliest men to be enrolled was an immigrant from Hainaut, a province in what is now French-speaking Belgium: 1376 Petrus Petyte de Hanawde, pelleter, York. The ordinances of les gentz del artifice des pelteres are undated but may be c.1400, York.

places York Pontefract
dates 1251 1372 1400

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0