penny ing

1) These terms were once customary in the neighbourhood of Cawood and Sherburn in Elmet, estates of the Archbishop of York.

In 1699, for example, a tenancy described as one halfe Penny place nere piperbridge in Cawood was surrendered to Henry Garbut of York: in 1700 Francis Brindholme surrendered three acres of penny land called the Haggsteeles and … one penny place in Ryther gate . Similarly, when Edward Barkston died in 1556, he bequeathed property described as one penny placein Shereburn and fyve rodes of pennye land in Barkestone Feildes. In 1711, William Storr listed the dues payable to the archbishop: Fines for a messuage, head of a whole oxgang, penny place, cottage, penny land, penny ings. Perhaps these developed from the term ‘penny farm’, used of lands which were free of services but subject to a money rent: 1398-9 ‘farm of Hillam ... leased at Penifarm

1404 ‘all the remaining bovates there are leased at Penyferm’, Selby.

spellings penny land penny place penny farm
dates 1398-1399 1404 1556 1700 1711

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0