1) Originally a type of small vessel from the Low Countries, first referred to in English sources in 1471 (OED). In Yorkshire, such boats were in use along the coast and inland waterways but there is evidence later that they were capable of sea-crossings.

1575 John Adams for refusing to pay primage on a voyage from Hamburgh in Christopher Wormeley’s pink, Hull

1639 complained of Henry Appleton for hiring Henry Hodgson whom [Mr] Crew had first shipped too go in his pink, Hull. The merchants who used pinks as trading vessels often had only a share of the boat: 1669 alsoe that 16th part of one pink with the tackling, Selby

1678 the one halfe of my parte of George Bell pincke, Selby. They were being built in Selby shipyards in the 1600s.

places Selby Hull
dates 1575 1639 1669 1678

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0