pit house

1) This was one of several names given to buildings erected at the pit head.

A Colepithowse is shown on Robert Saxton’s map of Baildon for 1610. In 1622, the death was recorded of Symond Moore of Coalle Pitts House, in Masham. The accounts for a new pit in Shibden in 1750 have entries which point to a relatively permanent structure: Pd H. Mallinson for making the pithouse 5 days at 1s 4d

Pd for nails 1s 6d

Pd for pithouse theaking 4s

Pd for 200 of slates for pithouse 12s

Pd for laths and nails 3s 1d. Buildings at Pit House in Shepley, south east of Huddersfield, are on a site where early OS maps show a drift mine and the words Coal got.

dates 1610 1622 1750

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0