1) Included here because it could mean ‘residence’ and was a significant place-name element.

1344 ‘a certain place called le Priour Place de Drax’, Hook

1419 ‘Grant ... of two messuages which are called William Symplace and Clerkplase’, Farnley near Otley

1486 ‘a messuage called Jenett Swaldale place’, Thornton on the Hill. It could refer to more than one property: 1410 ‘two messuages and four acres of land and meadow in Melmorby called Rosseplace’ and even to a capital messuage: 1448 ‘the Cheyf plase or Hedplase, Gomersal. It was a very important element in some parishes, especially in Methley where it featured more than forty times in a list of the manorial greaves for the period 1592-1642. The names there survived the departure of the families after whom they were named: 1594 Tho: Beckellanes ... pro Porter place in Thorpe quondam Richardi Bunnye et Roberti Brigges. Many examples survive and they can be important clues to the antiquity of settlements: 1387 Henry Wade, Cartworth

1578 John Crosland de Wadeplace, Cartworth

1663 Abraham Kaye of Wardplace, Cartworth.

dates 1344 1387 1410 1419 1448 1486 1594 1663

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0