1) In early uses of this word the references are to placing plants in the ground or to establishing settlements of people overseas, as in Ireland and New England. As a word for a new wood of planted trees it is recorded from 1669 (OED).

Estate accounts in Yorkshire contain references from the late eighteenth century: 1781-2 Ambrose Lockwood and D Sykes weeding and cleaning the plantation on the Hill side and at top of Quarry near Whitley Hall

1810 3 days setting out Firs in Fixby Plantations 16s 6d. The Huddersfield Nurseryman and Ornamental Gardener William Pontey emphasised the Use, Ornament, or Shelter of plantations in The Forest Pruner.

dates 1781-1782 1810

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0