1) Originally a man who worked and dealt with lead, especially on the roofs of great buildings.

The by-name probably persisted into the sixteenth century: 1354-5 In mercede Johannis Plumbarii cooperientis et soudantis diversos defectus super ecclesiam ... 2s 6d, Ripon

1421 Custus plumbi. Roberto Plumber operanti ibidem tam in arte sua quam in aliis laboribus, York

1476 Et solutum Willelmo Plomer pro x libris plumbi pro solduracione Stathe vd, York

1538 pd to Thomas Plummer ... for solder to the Church leads iiijd, Sheriff Hutton: subsequent payments in the accounts were for solder to the plummer.

dates 1354-1355 1421 1476 1538

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0