1) A vessel to hold broth, soup, porridge and the like, or one from which these could be eaten. They were often in sets of six.

1520 ij pewtyr dysshes ij sawcers an a podynger, Mount Grace Priory

1557 iij podigers, Pontefract

1559 Item 6 pottingers at 6d a peice, Ripon Park

1559 to eyther of them one potynger and a sawcer, Pontefract

1588 six podyngers, Dalton

1727 a Pottinger near full of honey, Keighley. A later spelling was porringer: 1667 two silver porringers, North Bierley

1691 6 pewter porringers, Selby.

spellings podiger podinger porringer
dates 1520 1557 1559 1588 1667 1691 1727

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0