prick song

1) Originally pricked-song, that is music sung from notes ‘pricked’ or written down, as distinguished from that sung from memory.

1527-8 Edwardo Huby pro xiij libris de les priksong, 40s, York

1546 to too scollers that is useall to singe prik songe of thame ijd, South Milford. Charges were made for writing such music: 1526 Johanni Gibbons pro le pricking diversorum ymnorum et Te Deum in diversis libris in choro, 3s 4d, York

1675 Mr Shaw pro pricking songbooks pro Choristers, Ripon.

dates 1526 1527-1528 1546 1675

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0