1) A buck in its second year.

An undated document which dates from the reign of Henry VII lists the terms which denoted the age and sex of red and fallow deer. Those of the second year were: knobber or brocket, hearse, hyrsel, pricket, teg, Pickering. A count of the deer in Woodsome Park lists: 1698 of full bucks four brace, that are now bucks of the first head three brace, that were this year sores six brace, sorels four brace, prickets six brace, Woodsome. Probably the source of the by-name: 1259-60 Ralph Priket, Scarborough

1384 John Priket, Wharram Percy.

dates 1259-1260 1384 1698

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2) A spike on which to stick a candle or, possibly the candle so placed.

1397-8 Et in torchiis, torticiis et prikett’ emptis de Symone Chaundeler pro camera domini abbatis per billam xlvs, Selby.

places Selby
dates 1397-1398

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0