1) A duty paid to the guild known as Trinity House in Hull. The money was due for the loading and unloading of cargo in Hull and, under certain conditions, in ports such as Bridlington and Grimsby.

1505 ‘An order for the gathering and paying of primage’, Hull

1632 'a ship of Grimsby ... whose anchor has been taken for non-payment of primage'

1662 ‘Mr Arthur Greame ... appointed deputy for the collection of primage at Bridlington ... to collect primage from every ship according to her lading entered in the Custom House’, Hull. The word features regularly in the records through that period, but the spelling seems to have been modernised, except in one reference in 1615 where it is called premidge.

places Hull Grimsby
dates 1505 1615 1632 1662

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0