1) A colt, from Old French <i>poulain</i>.

It was used as a by-name from the twelfth century and is the source of the surname Pullan: 1348 Margaretć filić meć tercium jumentum melius equicij mei cum pullano ... quartum jumentum melius cum pullano, Emley

1349 unam bonam equam cum pullano in parco de Spofford. It was occasionally used as a ‘colour’, presumably a shade of gray-brown: 1400 pro j supertunica fururata cum puleyngray, Richmond

1437 lego nomine mortuarii mei unam togam nigram furratam de poleyngray, York.

dates 1348 1349 1400 1437

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0