1) Poultry, domestic fowl.

1329 xij pullan precii xviijd, Ripon

1485 establisshed that the common powters [poulterers] that cometh to the citie ... sell there pulan in noo place but in the common market, York

1546 the thirde parte of all my pulleyne and geise, Wakefield

1585 in pulleyne about the howse 4s, Rastrick

1642 fatt geise, tenn Capans, thertene hens, sex turkes and other pullan xls, Cannon Hall

1710 did attempt to steal pullen from about the house, Clifton. They were housed at night: 1617 December 1 Theaker 5 dayes on the pullayne house, Brandsby.

dates 1329 1485 1546 1585 1617 1642 1710

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0