1) A rill or small stream, flowing water.

1584 the[y] came nere a little becke or pirle of water called Slabecke where the same faleth into the sea, Falsgrave. It occurs as a specific element in a number of place-names: 1246-55 Pirlewelle, Batley

1331 Pirlwelle, Kirkheaton. Smith suggested ‘bubbling spring’ as the meaning here.

dates 1246-1255 1331 1584

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2) A spelling of 'purfle', to edge with gold or silver thread.

1544 unto his wif one gowne of sade tawney purflyde with tawne velvet ... unto my suster Nelson one gowne purled with shankes, Pontefract.

places Pontefract
dates 1544

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0