1) In early references the meaning is not absolutely clear but this was evidently an iron fireplace of some kind, the fore-runner of the ranges used for cooking which were frequent from the nineteenth century.

1423 pro j longo brandyryn pour le range, York

1559 to the same Edward one yron raunge standing abowte the fyre, Aberford

c.1585 The house betwixt the buttery and the kytching ... for making of a range in the same, Fenton

1613 a range, tangs, reckon, Cottingley

1632 one iron range 20s, Ripley

1669 an iron range, gallowbalk and crooks, Elmswell

1678 to Samuell Abbot my sonn the great range & the grat brasse pott, Selby. More explicit details are given in a deposition alleging wrongful distraint: 1689 there being a range fixed in the chimney stead and a table that was nailed to the frame he the said John Hulley pulled up the range and John Loftus pulled the table in pieces and they carried the goodes away, Wetherby.

dates 1423 1559 1585 1613 1632 1669 1678 1689

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0