1) To make a mark with a sharp instrument, to inscribe or write.

1497 all the above [will] rasyd I Thomas Dalton, rasyd with my hand, Hull

1561 To my cosyn ... a gold ring rased in the medeste and up again on boith syds, Romaldkirk. The verb was employed several times in the accounts of the carvers who worked on the high altar in Ripon Minster in c.1520, for example, Will’mo Caruer rasyng tymber per v dies et di. 2s 9d

Will’mo Caruer rasyng carvyng works per iiij dies & di. 2s 3d. It is probably a reference to the symbols carved on the wood. Stone was also said to be ‘rased’ when carved: 1627 a stone with crosses rased with a workman’s toole, Slaithwaite.

dates 1497 1520 1561 1627

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0